If you are interested in applying as a Resident Care Aide for J & J Hillside Hollow, please print application above, and submit either by email to, or mail to J & J Hillside Hollow, LLC  Attn: Jessica Knops 1606  County Road X, Glenwood City Wi, 54013.


At this time, we are accepting applications for full and part time positions, as well as casual staff.  


Volunteers or Donations


If you are interested in volunteering or donating to  J & J Hillside Hollow, please email us at   or feel free to call us at 715-265-0200


Thank you!



Resident Care Aides

Job Description


Providing services to clients in the health care facility by maintaining a clean and safe environment, providing nursing assistance, working with clients to carry out specific plans of care, and maintaining related records.  Resident care aides will provide direct care services to clients with physical or mental disabilities at J & J Hillside Hollow, providing 24 hour care.